What is Raedah?

An initiative to empower women with the participation of a group of leaders and pioneers in various fields, so that in turn it becomes the first meeting in the Kingdom for women leaders and business leaders, due to our belief in its prominent role in supporting the national economy and community development in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030

Purposes of Raedah 

Discussing issues surrounding women leaders and the difficulties they face

Learn the concept of creativity in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Learn about the latest trends in entrepreneurship.

Initiatives Raeedeh

The first summer camp in the Kingdom to graduate women entrepreneurs from the age of 14-18, with the participation of a distinguished elite of certified trainers and project supervisors, and the presence of a group of businesswomen.

Year: 2014

“Saudi women aspirations and challenges” interviews: It is a series of meetings with business leaders to discuss various topics in various fields related to Saudi women with specialists in the same field, which are held every Wednesday evening.

Year: 2021

Hackathon Challenge Launch your project to develop applications and projects, and to provide professional guidance in technology, design and marketing under the supervision of mentors from Microsoft. After that, the initiative won the award for the best support program for the small and medium enterprises sector at the Biban Forum 2017.

Year: 2016