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Business Round Table BRT

The first meeting held by PBS with the aim of spreading the concept of innovation and understanding the needs of entrepreneurs in the concept of innovation, by bringing together a group of local innovators with emerging entrepreneurs to exchange experiences

PBS Mentors

A weekly initiative launched by PBS, established in cooperation with some experts and specialists, to provide courses and discussions that work to guide and motivate young men and women and startup owners and apply international best practices in the field of mentorship


A meeting that aims to motivate and train women and businesswomen to develop leadership and management skills, and to open opportunities for communication and exchange of experiences between them.
Year: 2014-2020

More of Our Community Initiatives

The first summer camp in the Kingdom to graduate women entrepreneurs from the age of 14-18, with the participation of a distinguished elite of certified trainers and project supervisors, and the presence of a group of businesswomen. Year: 2014-2020

 A program that focuses on developing the skills and performance of entrepreneurs and developing the individual capabilities of an entrepreneur, including workshops, mentoring, and individual mentoring sessions hosted by elite experts.

Hackathon, launch your project Hackathon Challenge Launch your project to develop applications and projects, and to provide professional guidance in technology, design, and marketing under the supervision of mentors from Microsoft.

A platform presented in partnership with GITEX as the largest gathering of startups in the Middle East and North Africa, the platform is motivational and provides inspirational content and success stories for young entrepreneurs in various fields and a competition was held between the projects participating in Launch your project to win the opportunity to appear in GITEX2018

Year: 2018

A program that offers a variety of evenings presented by a group of specialists in various leadership and leadership fields, according to the market needs.

Year: 2015

A specialized rehabilitation camp to launch entrepreneurial projects.
Year: 2015-2016