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Our adventure began in 2014 when we became the first firm in Saudi Arabia to spread entrepreneurship through the practical application of entrepreneurs. PBS has established itself as a leader in this field, and it bears a national obligation to contribute to the promotion of the Saudi entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, PBS is a game changer in Saudi Arabia and a partner in the global entrepreneurship system as a consulting organization specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation.

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“Ibtakir” award and exhibition is one of “Monsha’at” initiatives launched in 2017 to spread innovation and discover innovators with the aim of supporting them and developing their pioneering products and highlighting them locally and internationally, to create an attractive and enabling environment for innovation.


A unified center that offers a package of programs, in cooperation between the public and private sectors to develop entrepreneurs and small and medium busineses, to build a competitive economic system that ensures the sustainability and prosperity of this sector and increases its contribution to the GDP.


Biban is concerned with creating an appropriate environment for the existing small and medium-sized businesses to ensure their continuity and growth, and to stimulate the entry of new establishments to the market by containing the initiators and those interested in the field of business



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