PBS Community Initiatives

“Empowering women and youth is two main axes for achieving sustainable growth.”

- Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz 

Women constitute approximately 42% of the population of the Kingdom, and women work has become a driving force that attracts attention and expansion in the labor market, and this calls for emphasizing highlighting the importance of women in advanced societies in order to enhance the Kingdom’s vision and to contribute in raising the proportion of women in the labor market to 30% by 2030.

And because PBS CEO understands the importance of empowering women at work, she is keen to employ women, as women represent 74% of our company’s staff. It is also keen on developing the talents of Saudi women, investing their energies and creating a work environment to enable them to obtain appropriate opportunities to build a successful future and to contribute to the development of our society and our economy.

Our company has launched workshops, training courses and projects concerned with the empowerment of women, such as Raeda Watan Project, which allows women entrepreneurs and leaders to learn the latest global trends in creativity in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Business Round Table BRT

An ongoing meeting for businessmen and CEOs, held to specific groups on specialized topics, for government and local organizations aims to exchange experiences And discuss contemporary issues in business sector.​

The most prominent challenges:

1. Lack of innovation trainers in the Saudi market.
1. Spreading the concept of innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
1. Understand the needs of small and medium enterprises in the concept of innovation.

  • Target group:
    Chief Executives.
  • Location: Riyadh.
  • Project duration: 2014.
Launch Your Business :

An inspirational & experiential event for small business owners, entrepreneurs, investors who want to connect, network, learn, grow, and develop both personally and professionally.​

Project duration:
2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2018
Location: Riyadh

Target group: Entrepreneurs

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PBS Mentors

A periodically initiative carried out in cooperation with experts and specialists to provide mentoring sessions for youth and startups.​

The most prominent challenges:
1. Guiding entrepreneurs and spreading the concept and culture of extension.
2. More than 30 beneficiaries per week.
3. application of international best practices in the field of extension.

Target group
Owners of startups
Project duration: 2015
Location: Riyadh


A motivational and training meeting prompt for female & businesswomen aims to develop leadership and managerial skills, also to open opportunities to networking, and exchange experiences among them.​

The most prominent challenges:

1. Raising skills and empowering women entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship. 2. Attracting the most prominent women entrepreneurs inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as guests and speakers for Raeda program. 3. 400 beneficiaries in one day.

Target group: Women Entrepreneurs
Project duration: 2014
Location: Riyadh