About the founder “Eetedal Alnajem”

Founder and CEO of PBS.

MA in Economics and Foreign Investment from King Saud University in 2009.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, King University Saud 2000.

2014 / 2018

The founder of the “Launch Your Business” initiative by the same company that launched in 2014.
Launched Raeda initiative to empower women and women entrepreneurs in 2015.
Worked with GW Global Contest and implemented the Silicon Valley Investors’ Meeting in 2018 in Riyadh.
Founder of OW Events, and founder member of Saudi Takatof Association.

Deep experience in the field of business, where she worked for major companies during the period 2000-2015.
Joined Al-Rajhi Bank after her graduation, then transferred to Al-Hokair Company as Director of Women’s Departments, and she joined Mobily Telecom Saudi as the first woman.
Works in the marketing sector in Saudi Telecom Company in January 2007. She also took over the management of the local sector in Mobily from 2012-2015.

2000 / 2015

2014 / 2019

Awards and memberships :
Awarded the Most Innovative Entrepreneur Award from Forbes in 2014.
Member of the Saudi Economic Association.
Member of the AMA.
Participated as a jury member in a number of local and international competitions such as the insistence award in 2015 and the pioneers of marketing award in 2018-2019 and a competition Golden Bridge Award 2019 and MIT.