About PBS


PBS arose after the founder completed a master’s thesis on the relationship between domestic and foreign investment and concluded that the reason for the exit of local small and medium enterprises is the competition of foreign projects for them because of their excellence in innovation and technology. From here, work began on the establishment of a specialized consulting company that serves the small and medium enterprises to raise its efficiency. The actual start was in the business innovation meeting in Riyadh 2014.

About us

A Saudi consulting firm that works for multiple sectors such as the government sector, small and medium enterprises, and the consulting services sector. We focus on growth and sustainability for small and medium enterprises by applying the concept of innovation and technical transformation in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.
We devote our expertise to managing and implementing projects of the highest standards and quality along with our extensive experience in leading projects in major local companies and government sectors, which gives us a competitive advantage.

Our objectives

Empowering the owners of small and medium enterprises by supporting their business with methods of innovation, development, and professional consulting solutions.

Promoting PBS to become the first in the field of professional consulting for small and medium enterprises and the entrepreneurial community in the Kingdom, and to be the maker of pioneering initiatives.

Empowering entrepreneurs by facilitating business and improving infrastructure.

Develop innovative and technical solutions to raise the efficiency and quality of work of SME.

Our motto

Working professionally, empowering with passion.

Our vision

Leading individuals to achieve sustainable success.

Our Mission

Empowering the business sector and SMEs by providing them with tools for innovation and consulting solutions.

Our values

Initiative :

We initiate support to facilitate business.


We innovate and develop to be always the first choice.


We work professionally to produce a professional business community.


We keep up with the world of entrepreneurship, to excel in our services.